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Speaker Grill Cloth, Decals and Supplies

Grill Cloth: Replace the grill cloth on your vintage radio with a 12”x 12” (or larger) quality made fabric. While most of the original antique radio grill cloth suppliers have dried up, we have been lucky enough to compile a variety of fabrics that feature the same time era designs and Art Deco patterns that will make a perfect fit for your antique radio. The fabric itself is not quite as thin as original grill cloth fabric but it has been tested for sound quality in antique radios with small 5" speakers up to large 12" speakers. It allows for optimal sound to pass through without any muffling or blockage. I use it on my own radios, my restorations and it has been a customer favorite for years. Not only does it look original but it adheres very nicely without the sagging, wrinkling, fraying and glue seepage from thinner and cheaper fabrics or reproductions.

Grill Cloth Installation Tips:• Lightly spray the entire sheet of grill cloth with spray starch. • Iron the cloth to remove any wrinkles. Use the iron setting of three and not any higher. Be sure to keep the iron moving! • Cut the cloth to the size of the grill opening allowing ½ inch overlap on all sides. • Spread a thin layer of Elmer’s wood glue around the entire edges of the grill opening on the inside of the cabinet. • Place the grill cloth in position and carefully stretch with your fingers on all sides to remove any sag. Let dry 30 minutes. • Speaker screw holes can be can be opened with a hot soldering iron.

Decals: Our decals are of the water slide variety, made from superior material with high quality gold ink and a black outline. They are the same style and design used on many radios throughout the 1930's and 1940's. To apply simply soak decal in warm water for a 15-20 seconds. Remove from water and shake off excess water. Position decal to desired area and slide paper from under decal. Gently smooth with a cloth or brush to remove wrinkles, folds or bubbles. Wipe away any excess water. Decal can be top coated with lacquers or polys.

Our eBay store features a large selection of fabric for grill cloth, decals and a wide variety of radio parts and supplies. You can purchase these items directly from our eBay store or, if you don’t have an eBay account, browse the store and email me the items you would like to purchase and I can send you a secure check out PayPal invoice.

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