Antique Radio Restorations



Antique radio electronics, whether restored or un-restored, are by nature hazardous due to their voltage, design and age. Any operation, repairs or other adjustments are done at your own risk.

About Restorations

From consoles to table radios and cathedrals to tombstones, we will bring your antique radio back to life with a professional cabinet restoration and/or electronic restoration.

About our cabinet restorations:

Radio cabinets undergo a vigorous restoration process. Our goal is to maintain the natural beauty of the wood and grain, while providing a deep luster and shine. We achieve this by removing all the old and worn lacquers and stains. We then sand the cabinet with fine grit pads down to the original bare wood. All nicks, chips, and blemishes are filled and/or blended. Any loose veneer is re-secured. New stains and sealers are applied by hand. We continue by using a minimum 12 coats of Mohawk brand lacquers and toners. We use a nitrocellulose piano type lacquer which is applied through a professional HVLP turbine spray system in a climate controlled room. Nitrocellulose lacquer is very thin. We also apply very thin coats. This allows the lacquer to seep into the grain and not cover it up. A 1000, 2000, & 4000 grit wet sanding follows every third coat. The cabinet is finished off with a three step polishing process ending with an Oz glaze rub. Many hours of work are put into the radios, but as you can see, the final outcome is a beautiful, natural looking cabinet with gorgeous luster& shine. Our radios are a great piece of history that come to you ready to proudly display, as well as listen to, in any room of the home or office.

About our electronic restorations:

All tubes are tested with any weak tubes being replaced. All caps, filters, and resistors are checked and replaced as needed. All brittle or bare wiring is replaced or re-insulated. The chassis is cleaned, lubed, and re-aligned for optimal performance. A 60 day warranty is included on all the tubes, capacitors, resistors, and filters. Due to age and design of some antique radio parts we cannot warranty transformers, coils, and speakers. However, if at any time these parts would happen to fail, we will assist in repairing or replacing the defective part at minimal cost.

We have many suppliers to obtain the specific parts necessary for the restoration of your radio. This includes, but not limited to, all the proper electronic parts, knobs, grill cloth, dial covers, etc. The price of a cabinet and/or electronic restoration varies from the size of the radio to the condition.

By emailing us with a detailed description of the condition of your radio, inside and out, we can give you an accurate estimate. If possible, please attach several photos. Half (1/2) the payment is due upon the start of the restoration with the remaining balance (plus return shipping) due upon completion. You may ship your radio to us or drop it off. Turnaround time is generally 2- 4 weeks for table radios and 3-6 weeks for consoles.

We specialize in antique radios. We make sure they are ready for your displaying and listening pleasure. We have sold and restored many sets for our valued customers, museums, high profile businesses, and as TV/Movie props. All have been extremely pleased, so proceed with confidence!


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