About Warranties, Policies and Repairs

When purchasing a radio directly from our website:

The continued performance of vintage electronics is, of course, unknown due to age. As a result, the business of buying or selling old radios carries some risk, more so than other antique items. Tubes, capacitors, resistors, transformers, or other electronic parts may wear out at some point in time simply due to their age.

All our radios are tested and described in detail as accurately as possible regarding the radios present condition. Of course, due to the nature of vintage electronics, I cannot offer a return, exchange or refund program. However, I do offer very fair Warranty and Servicing Programs that are listed below. As a fair alternative, I offer a Limited Electronic Warranty on all tube radios. The length of the warranty is usually 30 days unless otherwise noted.

Antique Tube Radio Limited Electronic Warranty

What is covered:

Tubes, wax capacitors, paper capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, filters and dial lights.

What is not covered:

Speaker cone/coil, push button tuning, transformer, cabinet, grille cloth, dial lenses/bezels, knobs, shipping/packing costs, or any misuse, alterations, adjustments, or repairs attempted by the buyer.

Repair Options:

If any covered part becomes defective and affects the radio's performance during the warranty period, we will repair or replace any covered parts directly related to the problem at no charge to you.

Other Conditions:

This Limited Warranty does not cover electronic restorations or any other additional electronic parts or labor that are not required to correct the defect claimed by the buyer.
Example 1: Radio develops a loud hum during limited warranty period. Radio has 8 various capacitors. Only the specific defective filter capacitor causing the hum is covered for replacement.
Example 2: Radio's reception and volume become very weak during the limited warranty period. Radio has 6 tubes. Only the specific RF tube causing the reception problem is covered for replacement.

Servicing after the Warranty Period

Should any problems occur after the limited warranty period expires, I will be happy to provide guidance, help, as well as sources for any needed parts and repairs. This work will be done at the buyer's expense.


Antique radio electronics, whether restored or un-restored, are by nature hazardous due to their voltage, design and age. Any operation, repairs or other adjustments are done at your own risk.